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CPD Understand the Principles of Exercise and Fitness

Would any of your learners benefit from completing one of our fitness courses? Online content and assessments mean your learners can study anywhere, anytime.

This course aims to help your learners develop an understanding of the principles of health and fitness. They will look at the role exercise plays in supporting health and fitness, nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet, anatomy and physiology and the effects exercise has on the body.

Upon completion of this course, your learners could progress on to one of our other fitness courses (online or paper-based). Courses that your learners could progress on to include our Level 2 Certificate in Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition, and our Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health.

Section 1: Exercise

In this section, your learners will learn about the important role exercise plays in maintaining general health and well-being, the types of activities that can improve health and fitness and why we need to exercise.

Section 2: Nutrition

Within this section, your learners will cover the nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet and how nutrition affects our health and fitness.

Section 3: Anatomy and physiology

This section covers the different systems in the human body, including the different terms associated with each system, and also what effects exercise has on these systems.

Key Information

Course Length 4 hours
Awarding Body CPD
Learning Method(s)

Online learning
materials with
online assessment

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