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Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading

This team leader training allows your learners to develop their knowledge of key principles of team leading techniques and business practices to allow them to perform effectively in a leadership role in the workplace. Unlike with other team leader training, learners will gain an understanding of performance and conflict management, strengthen their communication skills and increase their knowledge of legislation related to a leadership role.

Upon completion of their team leader training, your learners could go on to study our Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity or our Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management.

Unit 1: Principles of team leading

In this unit your learners will gain an understanding of different leadership styles, team dynamics and techniques used to manage a team’s workload. This unit also covers the impact of change management and how a motivated team impacts an organisation.

Unit 2: Understand business

This unit provides your learners with an improved understanding of organisational structures and the business environment. They will develop their knowledge of the principles of business planning and finance within an organisation as well as business reporting, management responsibilities and accountabilities within an organisation.

Unit 3: Understand how to communicate work-related information

In this unit your learners will learn more about the principles and techniques of verbal and written work-related communication. They will develop their knowledge of a range of documents required for different types of meetings in a business environment.

Unit 4: Understand how to manage performance and conflict in the workplace

This unit will develop your learners’ understanding of team performance management through bench marking and how to manage underperformance within a team and conflict in the workplace.

Unit 5: Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace

In this unit your learners will learn about the standards of equality and diversity in the workplace, including the potential consequences for failing to comply with legislation.

Unit 6: Understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues

In this unit your learners will look at the principles of effective team work and the ‘buddy’ system for colleagues. They will also learn about the benefits of effective team working, how to give feedback constructively and techniques for resolving team conflicts.

Unit 7: Understand health and safety procedures in the workplace

This unit will provide your learners with information about the main health and safety responsibilities and laws affecting the workplace, including employer and employee responsibilities in relation to health and safety.

Unit 8: Understand how to develop and deliver a presentation

This unit will develop learners’ knowledge of the principles underpinning the development and delivery of presentations, including the advantages and limitations of various forms of media, the factors affecting contingency plans and different ways to evaluate presentations.

Key Information

Course Length 190 hours
Awarding Body TQUK
Learning Method(s)

Online learning
materials with
online assessment

Paper based
learning materials and
paper based assessment

Paper based
learning materials
with online assessment


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