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Extremely Positive Results From Recent Learner Survey!


Extremely positive results from recent learner survey!

We recently surveyed our learners from the previous academic year and the results were exceptional. Here's what our learners had to say about us.

  • 95% agreed...

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Cuts To Funding For Nurses’ Continued Professional Development


Cuts to funding for nurses’ continued professional development

A recent report from the Council of Deans of Health highlights how 12 of the 13 Local Education and Training Boards have cut funding for continued professional development (CPD) by up to 45% in some areas.

This h...

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The Skills Network Raises Over £2,000 For Ms Society!


The Skills Network raises over £2,000 for MS Society!

Did you know that there are more than 100,000 adults in the UK living with Multiple Sclerosis? MS is a lifelong neurological condition with a wide range of possible symptoms that effects the nerves in the brain and the central ne...

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